Sunday, September 19, 2010

new website!!

yay!! i finally have a new website to journal photography jobs and of course little glimpses here and there of me and my sweet sweet family.

check it out!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

for the last 4 days john has been out of town and we have been keepin' busy...

i watched our friends little boy elijah on thursday and friday. we had FUN!! elijah is such a sweet boy and gets along great with my two stinkers.

a few photos from our play date...



i have no idea what happened to elijah... he got a face full of sand at least 3 times!! it didn't seem to phase him. ha.


we played at the park for a good 2.5 hrs than came home had lunch, bathed the kids and watched about 20min of enchanted before elijah and copper were snoozing. nap time is great!!


while the boys napped navy and i played princess' and she got to put on some eyeshadow... she looked in the mirror and danced around after seeing how beautiful and sparkly her eye's looked, she loved it!


today i had my first photo shoot here in quebec. a family from montreal. i didn't have anyone to baby-sit the kiddo's so they came. thank heavens they were so good and listened to mama. i totally thought it was going to be a gong show.

here are a few of the little boy...




all in all a great couple days for us.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

we went to the spray park for 5 hours yesterday!!! i was only planning on staying for an hour but i forgot the phone and i never wear a watch so i didn't realize how fast time was going. plus beans and i made some friends and it was fun to get to know someone new in my neighbourhood. who ever came up with the idea of a spray/water park is brilliant!!





the next 2 months is going to be insane. and fun. this is what we have going on...

end of june john is taking a bunch of youth from church to palmyra, new york and onto Kirtland, ohio to visit some church history sites. john will get back and a couple days later maggie & evan and there 3 kids will be coming to visit for 10 days they will be with us for 7 and than doing some site seeing on there own. my mom will arrive with my nephew jayce on the 7th of july and be here for a little more than 2 weeks. my mom will fly home and leave sweet jayce with us until my sister comes sometime in august to visit and take jayce back with her.

it is going to be crazy! but we are stoked about having some family around!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

just a plate of cookies...


doesn't it feel good when someone drops off a freshly baked loaf of bread or a yummy plate of cookies? i love it when people do this for me... soooo we did it for a really great family. it smelt great and felt great.

i think this needs to become a new monday night tradition. it's a good way to finish up family home evening. and if we're lucky, the kids will fall a sleep on the drive home!! bonus.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

va louis you did me right ;)

every once in a while i'll hit up a va-louis vee-lah-zhay. the kiddo's and i walked in and there they were... my kitchen chairs!!! all i needed to do was sand and paint. the fabric is in mint condition. the chairs didn't even stink, bonus!!

here is the before:

after being sanded and painted whitest white:




i totally love em!!! king and queen chairs don't ya think?

i saw this make-up bag while grocery shopping at superstore and loved the colors. it's now my color palette for decorating the rest of our place.

i love decorating... next project is the white hutch/dresser behind the table another va-louis find.

my little ginger.

happy decorating,


you da you da best you da you da best...


best i've ever had...



Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Photographer's Husband


This post is the first and only one on this blog by me, John (the "J" in jcslocombe) and unlike Chantelle, I will be using capital letters. Last night, after listening to some really awesome music by Meaghan Smith, I was inspired to write some poetry of my own. Based on real events, here is my latest creation. I hope you enjoy it.

The Photographer's Husband

Today I will not shower. Yes, I think that I will reek.
There'll be crusties in my eyes, there'll be lettuce in my teeth.

I'll wear ten year-old pyjama pants, with two holes in the butt.
My shirt will be the oily one, I use to fix my truck.

I'll only shave one sideburn, and I'll leave my zits unpopped.
You'll see some dirty toenails, cuz I won't be wearing socks.

So why go to the trouble, just to make myself look bad?
Why would I want to look, and feel, and smell, like a dirtbag?

Because at times when I look fresh, and ready for the day,
and when my clothes are tidy, and my hair is combed and straight,

my wife, who's a photographer, will smell that I am clean.
She'll stare at me from head to toe, then happily proclaim:

"You will not spend this morning, checking things right off your list.
You won't be spending time on sports, or watching shows you missed.

You now are my possesion, for the next hour and a half.
You'll be working for the camera, as I take your photograph.

I'll tell you where to move your head, to make you look more thin.
The last thing that I want to see, is someone's double chin."

She'll make me pose by doorways, or crouch down into the grass.
She'll expose all my features, from behind the camera glass.

And though I'm just a normal Joe, who works a normal job,
my head shots are like models, and prints like a heart throb.

You'd see me on the street, and say I'm plain as plain can be.
But I'm a different person, in my wife's photography.

The way the background's fuzzy, while my face is crystal clear.
Or how she uses photoshop, so my moles disappear.

I really don't deserve, to look as handsome as I do.
I guess I can't complain, over an hour gone or two.

And maybe I won't sabotoge, my appearance, or my health.
Just to have a few more, fleeting moments to myself.

Besides, my wife is awesome, and she treats me like a king.
She always puts me first, whenever I need anything.

Today the little chores, and soccer scores, can all just wait.
Cuz look out world, I'm headed on another photo date.